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3D Week 04 Lego Project Part 02 (Revision)

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Here are my two lego pieces for Round 2: a 2X1 Brick that connects to an 8X1 crossbar with their LOD's.

barBrick Total Hours: 3~4 hrs to figure out how to best control the booleans edgeflow
bar Total Hours: <2 hrs

I joined the land transportation:

Team Lead: Francisco Romero
Connor Hollis
Michael Vogel
Samuel Moss
Yanjun Chen

We all met to discuss ideas of what kind of vehicle's we wanted to make. There were two different ideas were favored so the team of 6 split into 2 teams of 3. My subteam was with Connor Hollis and Michael Vogel and we decided to make a land vehicle with spider legs to be able to climb and maneuver in an agile way. Going of the environment team's design, this vehicle could be used to scale the tree in the center of the environment. 

Here is our rough sketch:

~2 hrs to fully development a design with group discussions

And here is proof of concept and the first iteration of the legs within UE4 using pieces I made along with Bailey Steggerida and Matthew Trupiano's pieces:
To achieve this kind of motion, I had to offset the pivots of the 2X1 bar bricks and the hinges to the hinge location so it would rotate properly and then I had to make a parenting hierarchy:

Here is an updated version of the spider leg with its teeth pieces at the foot. It can be rotate similar to an FK rig by rotating the pieces circled in red:

<2 hrs to figure out how to implement the parental hierarchy in UE4

Unfortunately this method could not be used in this project. When attempting to convert this setup into a blueprint, UE4 would reset the pivot offsets back to each pieces respective inherent pivot. Pivots could not be adjusted from within the blueprint.

This forced me to re-create the setup within Maya in order to export a singular mesh as FBX with multiple materials applied to be re-purposed in UE4.

1~2 hrs to replicate the hierarchy from UE4 in Maya. Different poses were setup of the leg to be imported into UE4 and positioned within a "spider" vehicle and duplicated to make it seem like the vehicle is in a walk or climbing animation.

Below is the final result of the combined efforts of Michael Vogel, Connor Hollis and myself. 

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