Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2D Class Week 15 Concept Round (Value Pass 05)

For this final week of the Fall 2016 semester at FIEA, the 2D class submitted our most recent versions of our VR project. This week I dug deeper into blueprints with on going attempts to get the wagon and well to be interactable but did not reach a presentable state. The tasks Bailey assigned to me were to research the ways to make objects interactable beyond simply being able to be picked up. As hard as I tried, I could not produce visuals to compliment my efforts.

The noticeable contributions I did have for this were optimizing the Scarecrow level. After adding the corn fields last week, the FPS of the scene dropped from around 90 FPS, which is ideal, to around 40 FPS. Since the Scarecrow level was comprised of all the separate teams levels, I started optimization by deleting all assets that were not for the Scarecrow level. By removing all the assets I discovered that there was a second directional light that was contributing to the lighting of the level. The first image below shows the results of running the console command "ProfileGPU". The results showed the ShadowDepths as having two atlas' and that's when I realized there were two directional lights.

After deleting the second directional light the image below shows the breakdown of only using one directional light and as a result FPS was steady at 90 even with all the instanced geometry as foliage.

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